Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So over the crazy Christmas break i did quite a few things. Two days before Christmas i got in a fight with this kid, and beat the S*&t out of him haha. Uhh we went to this indoor park in layton and i wreaked it royaly it was pretty sick. So that was pretty much the intertaining part of Christmas break.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i have so many skateboarding stories i could tell them all. so i might as well right? i was just skating alone at this time when i was in about 7th or 8th grade and i was riding down a street by the school and i saw this one dude i didnt know who he was so when i saw him i just gave him a nod. i was cruzin down this street and i saw this little cement table top and attempted a Shuv it tail grab over it. then as i landed something off my board broke. so im just chilling and about to go home and fix my problem but then that skateboarder that i gave a nod to was coming down the street. he came up to me and asked if i needed a new truck and i said sure bro. so he went to his house and got a truck and came back. i put it on ane then started skating with him and one of his friends. he told me he skated for a local shop close by called Blindside. i got many of my boards there when i was young but now i am sponsered so i just get my boards from there. any way so i started talking to this guy he said i was good and he wanted me to try and get on Blindside skate team. so for the next week or so i was skating with this guy and we skated at Davis High and Layton High for about 6 hours. Then after a while he just was never home so i never went. So that is another one of my stories about almost getting sponsored by Blindside.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

N/A Skateboarding

My favorite sports team is No Affiliation and that is the skateboarding team i am on. No Affiliation or N/A is the first ever skate shop i got sponsered by. The team has gone on many trips (haha). Most of us on N/A are pretty good at skateboarding some of the guys just screw off and the rest are amazing at everything. N/A sells decks for really cheap and everyone who skates in Utah should go buy there decks. My favorite person on the team is probably Allen he is really good at switch back 180s. Allen was a funny guy on the trip he made twin jokes the whole way there when nate was driving 100mph in the bus through Idaho. So by the end of the trip(haha). We went back through idaho and got home at like 8:00 i tried to sleep but only got 2 hours in. So me and nate met up with taylor at like 12 at layton. It was really hard to get the feel back to skating hometown stuff rather than Idahos straigt up bowls.

I will tell you another story about the drive down to South Jordan for another skate comp. I had entered the intermediate level and those guys were doing crazy stuff on the handrail. I did an FSA in the 8 footer with pool coping. No one did good but shane bought 25 double cheese burgers from the mcdonalds.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


skateboarding is a crazy thing it is huge now. there are many skateboarders that are insane when people say you are good you got to think am i good or is there better. many ams and pros are getting way amazing at skating. i went to this competition in Arizona for 2008 wild in the parks championships i wasn't in it but people were amazing.